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Cirque de L'estrange by Matthew R. Putnum (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

Sahara Adventure by Victor Lopez (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

Conquista by David Shaffer  (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

Skygazer Fanfare by Randall D. Standridge (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

Groovee!  by Richard L. Saucedo  (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

Quasar by William Owens (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

The Star-Spangled Banner arr. by Robert W. Smith (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

Dragonfire by Paul Lavender (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

Shockwave by Larry Clark (provided by www.jwpepper.com)

Homework Blues by Paul Lavender (provided by www.jwpepper.com)