Class Materials

All band students must have the following items each day:
  • A black, 1 inch, 3-ring binder with at least two inside pockets. Avoid having any drawings or pictures on the outside to the binder. Pockets or name tag holders on the outside of the binder are not necessary. (All grades)
  • About 10 clear sheet protectors to hold sheet music. Students should also try to keep a few pieces of notebook paper and a pencil in the binder as well for class notes. (All grades)
  • Each student will need their own instrument and method book. For 6th graders, there will be a meeting on Thursday, July 19, starting at 6:30pm in the cafeteria. Representatives will be here from Music and Arts Centers to discuss purchase and leasing options. All students will need to have an instrument secured by Tuesday, July 31, or your schedule will be changed. (New students)

In addition to their instruments, returning band members need to have their method book from last year for use at the beginning of the school year. (7th and 8th graders)

  1. Black pants and dark dress shoes with dark socks or hose are required as part of the concert attire for our band program. Please purchase these items as soon as possible if you do not have them. (All grades)
  2. Band fees need to be paid by the end of the first quarter. Band fees pay for music, band shirts, supplies, repairs, theory books and/or method books. The fee is $30 for students who are using their own instrument. The fee is $80 for students using a school-owned instrument, which must be paid before the instrument is issued to the student. All fees must be paid before students receive shirts, books, and supplies. Fees must be paid to be allowed to travel on band trips as well.